The “German Association Food without Genetic Engineering” (Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik e. V.; VLOG) is exclusively authorized by the German Federal Ministry for consumer protection, food and agriculture to manage and award user licenses. The protected word and figurative marks “Ohne GenTechnik” and “VLOG geprüft” may be used for labeling foodstuff respectively feedstuff produced without genetic engineering, provided certain conditions are met.

VLOG has set minimum requirements how to analyse raw materials respectively single component feed and compound feed with regard to particular genetically modified plants, i. e. soya, maize, rapeseed and rice comprising 3 soya events, 4 maize events and 4 rapeseed events,  which have to be identified, and where appropriate, quantified. This selection only covers a small proportion of the genetically modified plants cultivated worldwide and does not recognize plants without EU authorization.

As an alternative screening procedures can be used, if it is ensured that the minimum requirements are fulfilled. All positive screening results shall clearly match the events stipulated by VLOG or other events, i. e. unclear results are not accepted. If non-declared plants are identified subsequent tests become necessary to identify possible botanical impurities which could have a decisive impact on labeling.

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